Attorney Phone System

Law Firm Phone System Features

Many lawyers decide to set up shop in offices or commercial buildings that provide them with business phones tied to a building. While this can work well for some, it usually does not provide the level of service required to serve their clients and prospects adequately. In particular, any type of marketing campaign, whether traditional or online could produce an influx of phone inquiries that a shared service is not prepared to handle. This is why it is so important to establish a solid phone system at the start of the practice and update it regularly.

Specialized Functions

Regardless of whether it is a small, medium or large sized firm, the following comprises the key specialized features that should be included in each law firm phone system:

1. Call hunt groups that involve sending callers directly to the office phone - rather than first through a voice mail greeting. In this way, the user can choose to have phones ring directly to their phone lines or not. Messages may also be left for easier retrieval. Additionally, the caller ID feature allows lawyers to screen calls so that they do not miss a critical call.

2. Auto attendant features allow for professional greetings to be set from a menu so that clients can reach many extensions easily in one phone call. This could include mobile emergency lines or specialty partners who are located in another region. Potential clients can find this feature particularly useful rather than simply listening to voice mail greetings.

3. Call logging enables users to instantly find out which calls were missed. This feature is far more effective than a traditional caller ID system since it also allows for call time tracking. This can cut down on time sheet entries and provides an excellent cross-reference for any billing system.

Regardless of which law firm phone systems are chosen, it is critical to make it a priority and to get the best system that the budget will allow. Having great legal credentials and skills is essential, but having the best communication system in place possible for clients and prospects is every bit as critical for success - perhaps more so.